October 7th, 2018

Professor Chaos - Angry

Poem - The Beast

The poem “The Beast” has been a pending work for a long time. The words finally found their way onto the page.

The Beast

The beast waits deep within
no matter the gender nor the age
demanding a brief release
to feed the hunger felt within
these cravings mock civility
ingrained rules of society
defining who may merge
when the masks are fulfilled

ask the gods why this is
they’ll reply with a grin
it’s not for love or praise
though these part of the play
instead the race must carry on
propagate from two to one
or maybe more on the chance
that nature blesses with the twins

this is rejected by the beast
it cares nothing for the norms
now the breadth of humankind
is seen as fodder for its lust
diversity would satisfy
even though the rules deny
release from wishes deep within
between the legs and in the head

sometimes sated for a time
the eternal in a blink
when the plunge defies depths
touching joy though carnal paths
what seems forever does not last
even though the sheer delights
transcend all measures man beholds
to their dogma in written books

that animal we all behold
wishing nothing but to be fed
within the box or outside
the fiend of passion never sleeps
burn the incense to appease
stimulating to release
once it’s fed the worm will relent
until it stirs to crave again

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181007.
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