October 8th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Hold My Will

The poem “Hold My Will” is about my general discouragement with the world. Some days I truly get to the point at which I’d like to delete my social media and vanish. What I share doesn’t seem to make any difference. Then I remember that I don’t share to change minds, not really. I instead share to support myself and those like me.

Hold My Will

There are days that test my will
to carry on in public view
by breadth of sharing inner truths
or asking justice to be pursued
both are comfort on good days
these are few when I dismay
the evil condoned by fellow men
even while they fly their flag

stating wisdom that’s suborned
by politics beyond the norm
soliciting some small gain
before their power slips away
towards that end the guilt compounds
deals with devils to possess
a future stained by a curse
of dishonor for their cause

into this fray I am immersed
by watching news of the taunts
passed in between before win
all the marbles in this conflict
what they behold as consequence
of morality held to heart
is then fodder to be spent
malevolence spun from grace

this rivalry that saps my will
to participate once again
I’d bid goodbye to these fecks
and then I know it’s in vain
my outrage is not for them
instead I fight for travelers
those of stripes that I share
I’ll hold my will for these friends.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181008.