October 9th, 2018

Professor Chaos - Evil

Poem - Reasons Pile

The poem “Reasons Pile” is about the political expediency of the world and the outcomes that follow afterward.

Reasons Pile

The reasons pile upon themselves
making nonsense if compiled
still they provide enough cause
to shift the world on itself

the levers tug to push the load
towards the end that cause implores
even if the angels cry
for small mercies set aside

nothing less than victory
is enough to satisfy
motivations that allow
the rationale for lunacy

trading futures for the present
and reversed at the same time
nothing left in the middle
except for ruins now ordained

lingering long after the fact
now forgotten because of shame
the reasons had their place
to shift the world towards its end.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181009.