October 17th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - From The Shadows

The poem “From The Shadows” was prompted by a competition that asked the following question: “Upon this journey of life thus far, what would you take back if you could?”

From The Shadows

The decades passed before I knew
recognition of a core truth
affinity to alternatives
including base androgyny
I resisted the first hints
attraction asked for variance
beyond what most would embrace
in response I pulled within

into those shadows I retired
allowing a false normative
presenting visions for a world
that could not stomach any more
passing was the stratagem
hiding in the fullest sight
even though the lure was there
pulling me to look for more

the clock dealt discovery
revelation became the theme
turning pages with a shock
if only I could regress time
then I’d live the wider path
embracing attraction and much more
gender stated between the poles
at least there’s now to live a life.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181017.
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Shaman - Horse

Poem - To Kill A Monster

The poem “To Kill A Monster” was inspired by the anime ‘Hellsing Ultimate’ on the Cartoon Network. During the story Arucard battles Anderson, a human paladin of super human power. Anderson, while he is fanatical, shows his humanity when he reject’s a Cardinal’s attempt to subjugate Britain by armed force. Anderson is not strong enough to defeat Arucard, or so the thinks. He resorts to using a holy relic in order to become a monster strong enough to perhaps slay Arucard. Arucard then has the following dialogue:

“Anderson, stop it! Do you know what that thing will do to you?! You'll become one of God's monsters! Retain your humanity. Don't succumb to power! Either side, it amounts to the same deal: whether in the name of the divine or the demonic, you're still a monster in the end! Do you intend to use that scrap of miracle...to become nothing but a scrap of miracle yourself?! This duel...between us...would you really push it this far - into the realms that lie beyond the realm of mortal life? A monster such as myself...a creature of such weakness that I could not bear the weight of a human life...if I am to be defeated, it must be by a human!”

To Kill A Monster

To kill a monster is an affair
most avoid lest they fail
when mortality does not last
if the injury is by the like
humanity becomes the key
to find the flaw beneath shield
lending knowledge through frailty
to be the least is victory

weakness flaunted as if to taunt
something more than humanness
a greater strength shown in teeth
claws flexing to rend the flesh
please hold fast to the soul
lest the outcome is foretold
consumption sought by enemies
lay in seeds of power’s lure

fire to fire will always fail
darkness burns with the flame
consuming might even while
foes are dropped by the sword
the other path will win the day
when the weakness is embraced
holding what the strong discard
in pure arrogance before their fall

shed the tear to realize
what’s important above all force
connection to the angelic realms
is found in laughter of the child
slay the monster with this spark
cry for blood spilled to ground
no pleasure taken at the dawn
darkness felled in weakest light.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181017.
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