October 22nd, 2018

Cat - Black

Poem - Anxiety Damned

The poem “Anxiety Damned” began as a poem about the danger of dwelling too much on the future. A further prompt of “Honesty is the Best Policy” was added to the mix. The honesty of the moment is worth more than any number of imagined futures.

Anxiety Damned

Beware the future that intrudes
only wishing to abuse
reality gifted by gods
with a request to carry on

due honesty would claim this stead
of living fully with no regret
regardless of the past now gone
or the monster in the beyond

this thief that waits just ahead
around the corner filled with dread
stealing moments that don’t belong
except for those who merit hope

some say it's jealousy
purveyor of the jade haze
that drives the creature from its lair
to satisfy envy’s plan

crying tears that have no place
in the moment that should ignore
suggestions made by willow-wisps
flitting in that distant space

so distrust the wicked ones
describing doom that’s yet to come
embrace the present for verity
anxiety damned for peace it takes.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181022.