November 7th, 2018

Cat - Bunny Love

Poem - The Week

The poem “The Week” was prompted by the request to write a poem about a rendezvous, meeting, tryst, encounter, or hideout. The secret midnight assignation is made public by the poet’s hand. I turned to the world of social dancing to document such an encounter.

The Week

The week has passed without respite
the hole made large by encounter’s lack
until at last the moment came
to once again step away
this rendezvous outside the lines
drawn on the map to console
uncaring souls who would condemn
congregating to dance anew

to these ends the time has comes
assignation to soothe the hearts
loneliness swept aside
as two gather to strut as one
a glance confirms the mutual
dual intents matched to meet a lack
no longer will the craving burn
when it’s fed for a song

the crowd of hundreds melts away
no longer present in the room
pushed by passion of the dalliance
to the realms beyond desire
stepping between the here and there
a tryst completed without remorse
what’s now sated will find repose
until the same time comes again.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181107.