November 12th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Rainbow’s Curve

The poem “Rainbow’s Curve” was written to the prompt “My world is made of blues. Tell me about blue dreams, blue desserts. Surprise me in positive shades of blue.”

Rainbow’s Curve

Shades of blue merge to form
a landscape in the mind
with objects merging to reveal
the hidden door I must concede

what came before was azure
framing life in repose
between cyan of my dreams
and azul that claimed my days

this realm of comfort suggested much
with promises made without results
while the screams held a tribute
to the wounds behind closed doors

indigo followed in due time
the stillborn child that still lived
thrashing weakly to be heard
with calls to gods beyond four walls

cards cast to scry the fog
numbers jumbled in search of calm
the planets sought as advisers
these were what the second ray’s outcomes

now another has blossomed
violet calling to its own
demanding space to finally live
pushing boundaries that slip from sight

ambiguity is now the norm
the unconventional defining life
what came before was just a start
as the door beckons forth

these shades of blue in spiral’s path
turning sideways in pursuit
of the outcome I now indulge
seeking life beyond rainbow’s curve.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181112.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - The Shoeblack

The poem “The Shoeblack” was prompted by a cartoon of a shoe-shine working on an official-looking person’s boot. The poem comes in at seventy-two words.

The Shoeblack

The shoeblack is on the job
bending knee for gentlemen
first the comments about rain
or the lack of, all the same

disagreement may arise
no one knows what may fall
then the earl must convey
politics of the day

opine offered without regard
of lower classes’ principles
still a reply is required
a small offering to the lord

‘cooks are thought to be quite smart
unless the flood distracts the guards’.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181112.
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