November 19th, 2018

Cat - Black

Poem - Without Respite

The poem “Without Respite” was inspired by a meme that stated “You’ll want someone else soon”. The cat character was seen saying “No” over and over again. 149 words total.

Without Respite

The wanting lingered without respite
an intruder that cared not
for the mercies of a staid life
away from the passions on my mind

borne on a wind of comeliness
though not a stunner by most concerned
the breath that stirred the fallen leaves
became the storm that leaves me weak

a total package at last glimpsed
the secret unfolding in due time
a bright flower I now observe
rare among the other blooms

if only more could see this belle
the glamour would beguile all
perhaps I’m biased on this point
struck by a spell in my heart

yet in my core I know I must
seek a path away from lust
still distraction rings the gong
it’s with regret that I stand strong

a sum of parts assails me still
though there is more to this tale
when the dream walks upright
the wanting burns without respite.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181119.