November 24th, 2018

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Poem - Music is the Medicine

The poem “Music is the Medicine” was prompted by the quote “Music is the medicine of the mind”. I’m not proclaiming that music is a cure to life’s travails. I do feel that it has helped me through rough spots.

Music is the Medicine

Music is the medicine
of the mind as requisite
for my sanity to sustain
to the ends I’ll gladly share

melodies are the antidote
to the pain I struggle with
discord from felt deep inside
resolved with choices across all styles

in these genre’s I submerge
into artists and their tunes
so diverse as if to prompt
a widespread fix to misery

no addiction will occur
when the harmonies are the balm
to the pains that afflict
heart and head seeking calm

escape is found in the song
opus strung between the notes
forming havens that I’ll embrace
a safe retreat from maladies

a cure is found in lyric form
gloom dispelled with thrumming drums
within the beat all mercies sprung
replacing grief as discs are turned.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181124.
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