November 26th, 2018

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Poem - Letters Strewn

The poem “Letters Strewn” was prompted by the song Sandy Redd arrangement of “Hard to Love”. The lyrics are by Lee Brice. The full prompt asked, “If you’re hard to love own it and tell why in descriptions of your behavior and things that push people away. Include if you really want to get out of your way and love from the bottom of your emotional ocean.”

Letters Strewn

Regard submitted with delight
I’m not devoid of the wish
to indulge in life’s treat
physicality borne of warmth

when the topic is one of love
receiving praise for who I am
a gloom descends as I search
for the slice that life denies

life presents sad challenges
spawned from spectrums I embrace
perversions in the common eye
lived as the natural I can’t deny

infatuation is derailed
when the rainbow is revealed
not just one outside the norm
the sky is filled with the bizarre

one would be enough to spurn
affection given in pursuit
by affairs of the heart
flings leading to intercourse

this familiarity of amour
is pushed aside by the woe
panoply of letters strewn
in the path of forever love.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181126.
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