December 2nd, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Slaughterhouse Chutes

The poem “Slaughterhouse Chutes” was written in response to a meme that stated, “the right woman can change a devil.” My initial response was, “the right devil can destroy a woman.” I am very much for avoiding the latter, the destruction of an individual. The changing of a single devil is not worth the legion of women destroyed in the attempt.

Slaughterhouse Chutes

Consider the genders as separate
each with a mask set by fate
this would be the funny if it were not
for the horrors set loose once more
roles ascribed to a sex
bending a knee to do their part
though supplication will destroy
when power shunts the outcome’s goal

to save the weak from themselves
monstrous babies without resolve
unable to slake appetites
instead the other must find a way
sacrifice to this goal
placed on an altar with all around
bending heads in a fervent chant
the blood will let to the man

reject these offers of suicide
a living death while alive
saving those who are misled
by the group’s droning lies
while traditional may show bias
ascribing tasks by outward look
this is hardly carved in stone
though society would like it so

consider genders are divorced
from slaughter chutes that serve discord
when both genders are abused
by the dogma of past rules
sacrifice will have its place
alongside love and clayed feed
each sex with pursuing the very best
while being flawed in life’s eyes.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181202.