December 3rd, 2018

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Poem - Was It Worth

The poem “Was It Worth” is about the struggle of the outsider to live in a larger community. Normality is defined by the masses. The outlier makes the decision on how to prosper, and if possible, how to educate the hostile elements facing them.

Was It Worth

Was it worth it to persist
in a world prone to hate
when a span manifests
between the norm and deviance?

this is the question of the ages
the freak persists no matter what
judged peculiar for their ways
even though they’re genuine

the lack of reference is a source
familiarity lost in a rush
between surviving life’s travails
and opportunity to see the world

this is biased by the need
to hold with dogmas ages’ deep
reinforced by hoary texts
damning by the ancient words

one or the other is enough
to turn society against the one
asking them to double down
if completeness will be preserved

the answer to this puzzlement
seems contrary at first blush
presentation of a friend
a frequent face to contemplate

still the world will seek to hate
this is resisted by amity
experience shared with the one
finding worth to carry on.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181203.