December 5th, 2018

Cat - Black

Poem - Wide Shame

The poem “Wide Shame” is a non-autobiographical view of the struggles of older people. The dating pool changes drastically even while the body and mind deny the new reality. Those who ignore this actuality are condemned and shunned. There is a wisdom to this societal behavior. There is also a lot of pain for the impacted while they wake up to a new existence.

Wide Shame

Welcome to the alternative
a world that does not age
welcome to the embarrassment
when I’m oblivious to the shame

the fantasy is one of years
forgotten in the rush of lust
put aside by the fool
courting youth they should deny

what came before now betrays
permission given now rescinds
no longer are the partners sourced
from a breadth of society

relationships that were blessed
become the sin for all to see
the wheel has turned to exclude
now damnation becomes the creed

the need does not relent
to press the wanting flesh
even while the response
is one that few would want

halved plus seven does not compute
in my realm of feeling borne
for the beauty so near at hand
ephemeral in all true aspects

towards this end I’ll deceive myself
ignore the warnings from high and low
pursue the charms all disclaim
while disregarding the wide shame.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181205.
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