December 15th, 2018

Cat - Black

Poem - Lays in the Fall

The poem “Lays in the Fall” was loosely inspired by a fellow poet posting a long past photo of themselves. They stated that they wrote like a youth at that time. I considered what this means, with the inspired poem as the resulting output.

Lays in the Fall

When I was young I wrote of love
the ecstatic heights one may climb
to find a place above the world
then fall to depths none should have
verse existing in the extremes
polar natures were all I knew
put to page in an attempt
to express the perfect toil

that caress of life in pleasure’s realm
causing swoons that were defiled
by the pains that followed forth
whips applied to tender flesh
each had their time in my poems
put to page in couplets linked
by the rhymes that made it so
within the fantasy of my youth

high to low or hot to cold
the transitions denied the core
that average where the bulk
of survival sought to sustain
it’s in the median that most live
to deny this on the page
ignores a world I tried to see
in my penned eulogies

now in the time that’s transpired
from the past to present day
youth has stepped aside to relent
the poet grew to state much more
love still persists as do the heights
but the truth lays in the fall
the in between is now my grist
put to page as my witness.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181215.