December 28th, 2018

Cat - Black

Poem - Become a Poem

The poem “Become a Poem” was inspired by the quote by David Carradine: “If you can’t be a poet, be the poem.” Poets who write A LOT will place themselves within the resulting poems. To what end? Sometimes they may even listen to the advice given.

Become a Poem

I became a poem to realize
the hidden depths both good and bad
that dwell inside my twisted breast
both victim and so much worse

below a surface many see
lays a monster seeking peace
the die is cast by its own hand
along with wounds from other men

this sum that borrows from the soul
asking dues that none pay
with the rub that all must give
more than fairness would see fit

to those ends I press letters
like sad bodies of butterflies
against the page as if to blur
where I stand against the rest

hiding in the midst of prose
there is wisdom in what’s shared
if only the muse would point
to the parts that mean the most

perhaps some others will disclose
how these apply to my world
when the poet becomes the poem
they are lost within the words.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20181228.