January 9th, 2019

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Poem - Monsters Fade

The poem “Monsters Fade” is about the inherent selfishness of people.

Monsters Fade

Imagine the monsters lay beyond
this is best for the mind
lest the cracks open up
in the realm of danger's cusp
to do otherwise would admit
evil lays close at hand
not in the form of conjured jinns
instead from plainness man distills

in response the authors state
fantasies beyond the shade
terrible visions to still the heart
while much worse lingers near
the sins are often all too real
depravity sometimes ill-concealed
spilling from base desires
to manifest in waking dreams

no devil of the holy tales
nor demons from horror yarns
can compare to living kin
in wickedness put upon
few contrive to best the hells
instead the monsters slowly morph
from the selfish tendencies
to something in the extreme

in the end the monsters fade
from the sight and the mind
to admit otherwise
would test the reason of the strong
sanity over naked truth
villains shift to fiction’s page
there they live outside of death’s domain
where they kill in waking strife.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190109.
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