February 2nd, 2019

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Write a Story

The poem “Write a Story” was based on a Tumblr meme that stated: “Problems: / I want this story to be written / I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me / I don’t want to write this story”.

Write a Story

Write a story from the heart
about a tale that’s circumspect
when the subject is the self
broaching words that explain
more than surface and less than soul
those highs and lows plus in between

make it true, unless it’s not
it makes no difference after all
the end result is good enough
the fiction feeds a future bliss
both delusions and promises
describing dreams held within

mixing good with the bad
the same event may be both
depending on the audience
extorting bliss from distress
choosing which will be displayed
fabrication on the spot

all of this has one charge
inviolate unto itself
that the writer is their own
no other to scribe this life
the fantasies are singular
based on truths sourced within.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190202.
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