February 18th, 2019

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Ruined Air

The poem “Ruined Air” was inspired by a Tumblr posting. The original poster stated, “One of my best friends tried to commit one (suicide). And I have to tell you, from the other side it’s the most terrifying, scariest, saddest or heartbreaking thing in the world. One of the worst experience I’ve ever had. Now I feel stupid, cause I understand how hard it is for other people even if they’re not part of the closest family. ”

Ruined Air

It lingers in the ruined air
that atmosphere now lost to tears
raining down when the drips
are turned against the one that rants

the clouds once held the angst
considered pure without regard
for a world beyond the cell
a prison made by the self

when the coin is flipped around
the saddest turned to towards the self
a desire to end the pain
betrays the one who feels the same

where the vespers were thought pure
even though the end was near
an ally is then disgraced
when reality shows its hand

the deck was stacked the whole time
only showing some face-up
lulling the grieving one
to believe the game was set

until another flipped the rest
to show anguish that would result
assurance gone in that flash
now the ruin is present.

2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190218.