March 5th, 2019

Cat - Black

Poem - Pen to Page

The poem “Pen To Page” was inspired by a day during which emotional thoughts were getting the best of me. Normally I would pen a poem to express what I was feeling, but this particular set was too familiar ground. I was left without my usual outlet.

Pen to Page

I've already put the pen to page
extracted emotion as the ink
for the angst that dwells within
seeking avenues to be dispersed
the sadness mixed with anger’s bent
was too much to be expressed

when the efforts would surely lead
to destruction of the grave
in that breach I’ve instead
stated pain and so much more
wanting freedom from my gloom
creating text instead of doom

weighty tomes have been produced
if the reader stoops to explore
the hoary depths I’ve explored
posting them on the web
the resulting works are arrayed
filled with words that explain

what came before is the same
as the day now elapsed
these volumes by the muse’s hand
collections stacked without regret
what may follow gives me pause
the grim reaper stands just beyond

now that the balm is no more
exhausted by the constant storm
I’ll bid farewell with a phrase
‘the end’ inscribed one more time.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190305.