March 6th, 2019

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Dandy

The poem “Dandy” is about how I’m easing into expressing my trans feminine (transfemme) side in the face of the judging world. I’ve embraced slight dandiness, but not too much as this fashion statement becomes hyper-masculine at the extreme, and I am so not going there. Walking the middle is a place I can be now, ahead of where I may be heading down the road.


I'll dress the dandy to ascend
the disconnect I’ve faced at last
by the virtue of gender's stamp
applied at the time of my birth
too long assigned in hindsight
now I fight to be alive
a joke that's secret from the crowd
with the normative, they are blind

the dice was rolled by the gods
with a mold denied to most
into the latter I was poured
with snake-eyes on the die
this departure moved with stealth
a theme repeated through the years
into the realm of decades' span
until I resolved to answer back

acknowledgment was far too slow
the baby steps now comical
even as friends observed
something forming in front of them
in hind-sight the deed was done
with understanding far behind
until at last the consciousness
understood the schemes of life

still society would have a say
given what they had at stake
awareness begged me to step away
towards the contracts that held sway
the ink became a rigid bond
with my knowing just as strong
demanding much due to chains
fighting freedom I must obey

the response to this cage
with identity lost along the way
is to bend my present style
towards what I’m now denied
the splash of glam will come across
with a dash of dandy and then some
winking broadly until that day
my gender is fully on display.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190306.