March 9th, 2019

Cat - Bunny Love

Poem - Intimate is Understood

The poem “Intimate is Understood” is about connection. The need to acknowledge another is transcendent, with outcomes from handshaking to intercourse. Most of daily connection lay between these two extremes. All of connection may defy what larger world may feel is appropriate. The outcome is truly blessed as barriers are dropped and divinity is recognized.

Intimate is Understood

Proximity expands the world
without distractions that intrude
judgments spawned by the eye
dissolve when truth is realized
denying lies that dissuade
connections blessed as consequence
invoking joy where pundits taunt
their ignorance is paramount

that pettiness of life spent
marking scores inside the mind
would deny the status found
in an embrace some would reject
they measure beauty with false hope
that vision knows the hidden realms
while denying the greater need
to feel another while we live

when the intimate is understood
divine touch transcends the flaws
the latter being ephemeral
illusion cast to the side
imperfections melt away
if they were there anyway
when the treasure is revealed
in comforts clasped without regret.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190309.