April 6th, 2019

Cat - Black

Poem - Songs Full of Wrath

The poem “Songs Full of Wrath” was inspired by a realization that I didn’t like Godsmack but I adored Nine Inch Nails. There isn’t a difference in angst or anger. Both have high volumes of rage. The difference seems to be the direction of the message. Nine Inch Nails is full-on “slash your wrists because life isn’t worth living” type music. Every Godsmack song seems to be focused on the world is the enemy. Guess which I identify with?

Songs Full of Wrath

Look to the source to know the heart
as tunes are sorted by desire
by pleasure taken there
or displeasure of the refrains
emotions come in many forms
from spark of joy to anger’s rage
to the latter these lines will look
considering where affections lurk

there are tunes that please the ear
mimic the turmoil felt within
lashing out in mute response
though the intonations of the bard
anger comes in many forms
avenues pursued in course
with direction as the hint
at where violations are commit

to destroy what’s not loved
becomes the anthem of the one
listening with head nods
to the songs full of wrath
something is the root cause
towards which rhythms flow
damning them for the pain
experienced within the frame

some shout against the world
perpetrators circle round
their long knives are rebuffed
by the voice of speaker’s throats
others damn the one inside
finding fault with the life
and in this rage a disregard
is issued instead of love

what is the difference of the two?
actions follow the piper’s tune
both would seek destruction’s end
evoked in words and melodies
one would end other lives
bricks falling by their hand
another only seeks an end
with suicide as the grand plan

neither is the better for
a choice made that most deplore
still the suggestions comfort those
seeking solace in the words
whatever songs may suggest
their end goal is not the best
even though the baseline beat
strums the heart and taps the feet.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190406.