April 20th, 2019

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Poem - A Fall Exists

The poem “The Fall Exists” was inspired by a photograph by Deniz Hotamisligil. The end result seems very dark, but it is in the spirit of Deniz' comments regarding the sourced work, "I believe that what you call a fall may just be the first step that leads us to a whole new positive outcome."

The Fall Exists

The fall exists as part of life
a welcome dip from the climb
asking nothing for itself
while gravity seeks a result

angels cry for the descent
without assisting by their wings
because they know inner truths
a wish granted to the accused

reminder of the consequence
or perhaps the last request
for something less than heights
still cursed at the best of times

when the less becomes the whole
contingent on a life extolled
the end result may be the lapse
declaring nothing except the end

the substitution has been set
low for high without regret
banking on the impact’s touch
to caress away the storm

now life has been resolved
collision granting more than love
the nightmare left to only dream
of valleys found within the peace.

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