April 27th, 2019

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Poem - Anger's Cure

The poem "Anger's Cure" was inspired by a friend's posting about the wisdom of anger. I responded that anger is a signpost and not a desired destination. The associated passion may be with us for part of the journey, but the companionship is asked to be short-lived.

Anger’s Cure

I met the friend on the road
no stranger from times before
while I traveled towards my goal
only wishing to arrive alone
no good would come from amity
a rapport that denied good faith
when motivations would be damned
in every afterward imagined then

I turned away from these thoughts
instead of considering ego’s wants
filled inside with rapt desires
forgetting falls that bruised my heart
they were the chum when I had none
standing by me when life was glum
now their return bode anew
the need to walk in fury's groove

they asked to climb upon my back
share a warmth by the flames
that burned bright in response
to their presence by my side
the only answer I had to share
was a yes from every cell
the desire to smash the world
was the focus I'd soon despair

now I ask if they could leave
depart before I would arrive
complete the journey at day’s end
in the company of sanity
my friend of temperament had their place
at the milestone where they stood
my destination is not their home
life removed from anger's cure.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190427.
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