May 12th, 2019

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Poem - An Awful Thirst

The poem “An Awful Thirst” is about a regrettable component of aging: beauty is still easily recognized even while it is properly out of considered reach.

An Awful Thirst

If God created beauty’s breadth
the Devil was deigned the guardian
with one order set in stone
to push reproduction at any cost
large assumptions must be made
if Old Nick will have his way
to hold survival as the goal
even as the game is wrong

the young flowers attract the bees
of all ages and pedigrees
it matters not what will come
wasted efforts and broken hearts
sadly desire does not quench
when potency is decreased
a chasm opens between the two
as age provokes an awful thirst

generations are aligned
to progress their bloodlines
while ancient husks are ignored
no longer needed in the war
Lucifer has no desire
for this ilk in his crusade
except to taunt them as result
for their failure to procreate

beauty is born again
always there to prompt the urge
with God standing by to view
their work progressing with rebuke
from the souls that must retire
act as if the world is no more
while the fiend has his laugh
at the expense of those concerned.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190512.
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