May 15th, 2019

Cat - Black

Poem - I've Yet to Meet

The poem “I’ve Yet to Meet” was inspired by a meme that featured a gentleman who had yet to meet a woman who enjoyed sex too.

I’ve Yet to Meet

'I've yet to meet' becomes the chant
for the ones that can't relate
to a world that’s much more
than the walls beyond their fate

tolerance is not the goal
allowance for other views
when the sufferance is nothing more
than a naval circled round

nor is breadth of emotion’s lure
allowed as a tolerance
except to confirm the known
what’s trapped inside the mind

wheels turning round themselves
without a pause to regard
those limits that may extend
beyond empathy now firmly dulled

the outcome becomes a farce
to spectators with sound thoughts
discerning right from wrong
hidden from the shuttered one

a final measure is their chant
this declaration of the unaware
isolation now a platitude
for a life fixed in solitude.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190515.