May 16th, 2019

Cat - Black

Poem - Monster in Their Midst

The poem “Monster in Their Midst” is about the normative world accommodating the alternative. The assumption is made that all everyone is cut from the same cloth. Reality does not reflect this wish.

Monster in Their Midst

I am the monster in their midst
breathing air like decent men
while insisting I belong
spinning lies while concealed
a miscreant of ill intent
when the standards all conflict

one by one they are betrayed
by the spectrums my life spans
while holding tight to the mask
lest it slips to show the beast
the cataclysm would follow suit
on that day the veil is dropped

a doppelganger now suspect
of malfeasance behind the back
misconduct against the whole
measured by the normative
a betrayal without regard
to the feelings spun from glass

made more fragile by beliefs
filaments strung from self-deceit
once trusted to hold the line
now standing outside of bounds
even though I’ve not moved
the world has shifted on its own.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190516.