May 26th, 2019

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Consider Style

The poem “Consider Style” was inspired by Natalie Wynn’s YouTube video “Beauty”. Produced on her channel ContraPoints, the video presented the concept that style is an alternative view to beauty. You can be stylish at any age, passing or not. Style is a way of cultivating a personal ascetic that a person has control over. Why? Style is an individual ascetic not held hostage to collective beauty standards. Through the through the power of original style, one can create the place in which their beauty is appreciated.

Consider Style

Consider style as a redoubt
personalized in its goal
to withstand the pointed barbs
inflicted by a wicked world
many molds await the guests
with promises of beauty’s gift

each is a trap in itself
these paragons that few attest
fair illusions are evoked
at the price of willing souls
now prostrate to the task
of luring more as consequence

Procrustes had his bed
forcing outcomes with great pain
now the same made by said
of elegance turned to shame
there is a path to sanity
securely forming dignity

assurance that all is well
while striving for attractiveness
embrace what makes one sing
standalone to charm the flock
this is the state that affirms
the individual among the crowd

the result cannot fall
deep foundations of confidence
even if the pundits cry
fallacies of their minds
hold tight to a bless vision
stated loud for all to see.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190526.