May 30th, 2019

Cat - Black

Poem - Against the Barbs

The poem “Against the Barbs” was inspired by a Twitter post that stated in part, “(statements like) 'criticism makes you bad and negative' scare me, because what they actually mean is keep your opinions to yourself and let the thing go unchallenged or face social consequences.” I agree this is the implied statement. In response, activism has a place, if only to both defend and educate. We are good. The larger world may believe otherwise, even as it asks us to accept false judgments.

Against the Barbs

Excuse the voices that must exclaim
declarations some find brash
asking nothing except the need
to exist with measured peace
false positives defy a mood
pretending more with every breath
this shallow void without reference
to the needs of outside pain

criticism is sadly seen
as negative or purely bad
even when the angst is real
survival asking nothing less
the pundits howl with despair
that their fears are confirmed
if only in their trembling minds
denying truth of mankind

the judgment cast seems extreme
when their victims seek relief
first to defend and then explain
without the need to be nice
that measurement of the meek
that oppressors insist upon
do no favors in response
to injustice asking more

sage opinions are attacked
as detriment to interchange
between two parties set apart
by understanding in short shrift
the brave speak into that gap
anger present without reserve
demanding change where others flinch
against the barbs of harsh critiques.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190530.