May 31st, 2019

Shaman - Horse

Poem - In This Month

The poem “In This Month” is about Pride Month celebrated in June. The intent is to celebrate the legacy of individuals who fought for the rights that many enjoy today. Those impacted are reminded there is more work to be done in order to hold onto the rights gained, and to further the protections too long denied by a largely normative society.

In This Month

A month exists to celebrate
those outside the normative
that blanket state of the mob
ill informed of the rest of us

ignorance spun to hate
the reptile speaking for the heart
it’s no wonder that the oppressed
have decided to rebel

too long put aside as broke
now stepping up to shake their fists
this multitude of like minds
asking more than hostile shrift

look to the rainbow to realize
diversity of the crowd
joined by needs to exist
against a storm of centuries

each as real as the next
beneath the tent of lettered names
asking all to stand alone
while supporting the sum of all

it’s no wonder some conflict
with the breadth of difference
there’s still more love than most admit
in this month we’ll celebrate.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190531.
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