December 10th, 2019

Professor Chaos - Evil

Poem - Rally the Jesters

The poem “Rally the Jesters” was inspired by partisan political defenders.

Rally the Jesters

Rally the jesters around the king
those sad buffoons of last remit
pretending manners of diplomats
feigning a purpose that's not mad

nobody knows if they're serious
embracing a role that none should seek
these soldiers sent to damn themselves
lest their liege be condemned

this defense of a tyrant for power's sake
look at the clowns as the gears
turning round without regard
only knowing this is to be their fate

temptation met the Lord by wilderness
domination was the gift rebuked
don't ask the jesters for the same
their duty lays in the king's domain.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191210.