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Some Ghostly(???) Pictures

From the website that I used to have, dated back to 2003:

The pictures below were taken at Poinset Bridge.  The bridge is located off of Old US HWY 25 outside of Greenville SC, and located "above Traveller's Rest".  Pictures were taken underneath the bridge and beside the bridge with nothing odd in the pictures.  The pictures below were taken on the far side of the bridge (from HWY 25).  Other "ghost" pictures have been taken there on film, digital, and video.  


Picture 191

9/10/00  22:29:17

Brightness and
contrasted adjusted (Auto Eye)


Picture 192

9/10/00 22:30:22

Brightness and
contrasted adjusted (Auto Eye)


Picture 193
9/10/00 22:30:53

Brightness and
contrasted adjusted (Auto Eye)


Picture 191

Original Digital Picture


Picture 192

Original Digital Picture


Picture 193

Original Digital


The pictures were taken with a Kodak C500 at night.  A brightness and contrast enhanced version of each photograph is presented along with the original photograph.

Picture 191:  There is a fog with orbs present in the left side of the picture.  
Picture 192:  There are several orbs present
Picture 193:  Twenty seconds after Picture 192, orbs still present

For Your Consideration.  I present these pictures as a possible sample of ghostly photography.  No claims are made to their "authenticity".  Speculation is allowed.

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