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A Ghost Tour From My Former Website

All searches for spirits don’t have photographic evidence as a result. An example of this is a 2001 field trip by the Horizons group to the Walnut Grove Plantation and a nearby horse ranch. Only one potential ghost picture was garnered from this ghost tour, but many ‘psychic’ impressions were felt.

Walnut Grove Plantation is a pre-Revolutionary War site complete with house, kitchen, school, doctor’s office, and ancillary buildings. The primary dwelling is rumored to be haunted. Its history has a bloodstain on a second story floor from a Revolutionary War patriot soldier. An upstairs bedroom garnered the only potential ghost picture taken with my HP C500 digital camera. The buildings on the plantation, original and transplanted, were all very interesting. One was a former doctor's cabin complete with doctor. However, the trip really got intriguing when the group moved onto the family cemetery located on the property.

The original land owners, the Moores, are buried in a family cemetery a short distance from the house. The headstones are in four groups. One group is notable for its inclusion of General Moore and three "consorts". Our tour group was standing in this area when a person asked me where I thought most of the energy was. Upon reflection, I felt that it was focused around two headstones at the back of the cemetery. Harrison, our tour leader, then walked up with the EMF meter and began to scan the area. It turned out that unusual energies had been felt in that area by group members on a previous visit. The EMF meter confirmed that something was there. I took digital photographs that came back negative. My first intuitive feeling was that the energy was from a woman’s spirit. It was a heavy energy that weighed on the shoulders and arms. A look at the headstones showed that the two graves belonged to two young children (one only 18 months). The energy was not from the occupants of the graves, and I felt that the energy was that of a mother or grandmother who was looking for the children or still grieved for their passing.

We walked back to the main building via a nature trail. Several positive EMF readings were detected, cool spots were felt, and several very sensitive people felt/saw spirits around the group as we walked through the woods. My feeling was that the energies were Indian. It goes to show that you are not alone when you walk through the woods.

We then left the Plantation and moved onto the Kariq Horse Ranch. The announced purpose of the visit here was to examine five stone markers found in the woods on the property. A short walk brought the group to the markers. The markers were small mounds of rocks typical of Indian burial markers. My photographs did not show any spirit activity. An intuitive feel of the area did confirm a psychic energy, with one of the five mounds being the "strongest’. My impression was that a shaman or elder was buried there, and his spirit was given charge of watching over the other mounds. The energies here were neutral and pleasant.

This was not the case at the next area we visited. I was walking with Steve, one of the property owners, and asked where we were walking to. He said it was to a spot that had bad energies. I said "like we are feeling now?" It turns out we were there. We were at a nondescript area of woods that had a very unpleasant, negative feeling. It felt circular and concentrated. My examination of the energy identified it as "grounded" and present in the earth. I had the impression that human remains were buried here along with tools of the murder/passing. My wife, who is very psychic, felt that the energy was oppressively male, and that a rape and murder had occurred there. Nancy, the other property owner, hung a wind chime to lighten the very heavy energies felt here. The EMF meter was not responsive and digital pictures showed no evidence, but they were not necessary given the very present psychic feeling that shrouded the location.

Was this a successful ghost tour? The documentation by photographs was meager. The psychic impressions were bountiful. What does this prove? Nothing or everything depending on how you look at it. Experience is the surest validation, and I know I felt energies at the locations mentioned, and these feelings were confirmed by those with me. Can these feelings be presented in a picture or an audio file? No. My advice would be to open yourself next time you go ghost hunting and see what you feel!

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