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The Best Laid Plans of Adults

It occurs to me that the rational intentions of the adult world/mind are constantly at odds with either literal children or the inner child. The coulda/woulda/shoulda of the adult world look good on paper, but the rude reality of childish needs and energies derail the focus of the adult thrust. It occurs to me that this paradigm is prevalent in so many places...
  • Wars are waged by the childish; adult pacts and logic are ignored
  • Self-empowerment and realization is put aside for the support of children
  • Religious dogma and canon is insufficient to explain the behavior of children and 'control' the same
In these examples the veneer of adulthood is paper thin, overlaying a vast sea of childlike desires and whims. The goals of the adult are subordinate to the care of the physical and emotional child, inner and outer. To not be subordinate is done at the risk of the future generation and perhaps our own sanity.

I wonder this... what place does the adult have in this picture? Are they push to the back row? How does one balance the adult and child, or does the differentiation between the two create an artificial demarcation? Your thoughts please!
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