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Chicken Alley - Ghost Story and Graffiti

Wulfwalker and I visited the odd side street called "Chicken Alley" off of Lexington Avenue. The graffiti was plentiful and quite colorful. A search on the internet revealed the following ghost story about the location and then I have some pictures of this urban site...

From Local Asheville Ghost Stories:
The legendary ghost of Dr. Jamie Smith, who lived at this infamous Asheville locale known as "Chicken Alley" over a century ago. For decades, countless sightings of his ghost have been reported. Dr. Smith was killed in a bar-room confrontation in 1902 at the old historic "Broadway's Tavern". The tavern was destroyed by fire the following year. The close vicinity known as Chicken Alley has been victim to his ghost for over one hundred years! Chicken Alley is a narrow alley located off Woodfin St. just before the intersection of Woodfin St. and Lexington Ave.

Click on a picture to see larger image

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