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How They Grow!

The labradors are getting bigger and bigger! They are still getting along with their foster family, though their foster mother is a tough cookie! Gulliver really seeks human company for comfort. His brother Boomer does so as well, but not nearly as much as Gulliver. The past weekend Wayah was in heat, requiring us to keep the dogs in the pen in order to keep the peace. The flickr set of the dogs in their usual home is here. Wayah and her son Bear were photographed out in the main yard. Bear has a boo-boo on his nose from his mother aggressively disciplining him.

Below is a picture of the now larger Gulliver. That is mud on his nose. He and his brother seem to now perpetually have this bit of yard 'cosmetic'. LOL...

Gulliver the Black Labrador Puppy - IMG_0845
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