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My status as a tech geek gives me "reason" to critique how authors use computers in books. I am listening to Robert Ludlum's book "The Paris Option". This tale features the "DNA Computer" that has the ability to hack into anything by virtue of its amazing parallel processing power. The computer guy in me says, "that's fine, but how are you interfacing all that power to the outside world? Ten or a million computers would be equally bottle necked by whatever connection they have with the rest of the computer world. AND... (smile), having a super fast computer does not mean it automatically knows how to hack into every other computer and change their programs/access codes. The guy that created the DNA computer did not appear to be a hacker. But what the heck, it is just entertainment... (enter tap dancing, singing frog... "hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my ragtime gal...")

Today's picture features Guinevere, the last of wulfwalker's outside kitties. Guinevere is a bit grumpy, not always getting along with the other cats. It may be my imagination, but the look on her face in this picture conveys her sour disposition.

Guinevere the Black/Silver Tipped Tabby - IMG_1377
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