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Is this Only Imagination?

Can imagination change? I am finding my wolf-dog pictures being used by people who role-play/imagine personae of wolves or wolf-dogs. They come up with fabulous stories about themselves and their pack, embracing the experience of being another creature other than human. Hmmmm... I have to admit that I played AD&D back in the day, and indulge in computer games, but I cannot fully relate to people who immerse themselves in other animal identities. Is it my age? Could be... I think there is a degree of (healthy?) cynicism that comes with older age. I also believe that role-playing is a very creative activity, and I find other ways to be creative. Another angle is one of control. I choose not to indulge in self-medication, if Bejeweled II is excluded from addictive activities. My desire to control and contain my life may exclude pursuits into personae, be they vampires, wolf-dogs, bears, tigers, etc. Or perhaps it could it be that some portion of these people are rejecting their humanity and embracing a nature perceived to be better? Human being do pretty much suck sometimes.

What's your take on the role-playing/imagination indulgence in other animal natures?

Chakotay the Black-Tipped Tundra Wolf-Dog - IMG_2386
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