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Return to SC Tenant House

I like to sometimes revisit an abandoned location. The time of year may be different, the lighting changed, or perhaps the deterioration may have progressed. In this spirit I returned to a tenant house in Ora SC. The structure is a bizarre combination of intactness and ruin. There is a water rot hole underneath the hole in the roof. The rest of the wood is relatively intact. It appears that somebody stripped out the internal walls. In the middle of all of this is a very sturdy fireplace that has green paint on one side.

This abandoned rural tenant house continues to amaze me. I wish I could find more sites like this...

Opening in Roof Above Painted Side of Fireplace
Rear of Tenant House.  Attached Portion is Kitchen.  Hole in Roof is on the Right Side of the Picture

Click on an picture to see a larger image.

Looking Through Window The Painted Side of the Fireplace Close-Up of Painted Fireplace
Right Side of Fireplace Back Right Side of House. Kitchen is Attached Portion of House Looking From Main Room Into Kitchen
Destroyed Floor Beneath the Roof Hole Remnants of Newspaper "Wallpaper" in Kitchen Looking into the Kitchen Door
Wall Adjacent to Kitchen in Main Room Kitchen Floor Details of Floor and Pot in Kitchen
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