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Timing and Tarot - Part 3

Consider the statement: an observer can only know a quantum’s event’s characteristics or position, but not both at the same time. Let us also assume that a very specific event in the future becomes very non-fixed in its probabilities, and more quantum in nature. It leaves the realm of classic physics with its known characteristics and positions, and moves into the realm of metaphysical/quantum events.

With these statements in assumptions in mind, lets apply these considerations to sample tarot questions.

Question: Will I ever be married?

There is no desire to fix the question in a period of time, and the reader can, with accuracy, determine if marriage is probable for the person.

Question: Will I marry next year?

The observer is asked to focus the characteristics of the event (marriage) and a position (time) into a single year. An accurate answer is possible, but has become more difficult. The intent/mastery of the reader is drawn upon more.

Question: When will I get married?

This is the most difficult of the three questions. The exact determination of a marital status (characteristic) and the exact time of the marriage (position) is requested. It could be argued that marriage is a “big” event in a life, and is a target with decent probabilities. On average people marry several times, and the tarot feedback could be looking at any one of the future marriages. But, even with these advantages, the difficulty level for the reader is high for this question.

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