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It Could Be True! - Horror Death Quiz

The really neat thing is that I do get into used bookstores, antique books, and I'm crazy already...

Your Invisible Friend Isn't Friendly

Your horror movie death is extra tragic, because the people around you just assumed you went crazy. The truth is, you bought a weird-looking antique book at a used bookstore downtown, and when you read the first few lines aloud in a fake scary voice, you accidentally called forth an evil spirit. The ancient demon possessed your body and controlled your every move, but it never quite grasped the basics of modern technology. After a messy incident involving the escalator at the mall, the demon decided human bodies were just too fragile. It abandoned your now lifeless self, and moved into a Dean Koontz novel.

19% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation. (One out of Five!)

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