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Timing and Tarot - Part 4

Does the model of quantum physics rule out using tarot for knowing the timing of an outcome? No. There is another wrinkle to this model. Einstein said that a measuring tool that had little or no affect on system that it was measuring could determine accurately the characteristics and position of the thing being measured. How can tarot be made such a measuring tool? We will look at this later.

The Single Point Theory – The Quantum Meets God

There is a theory about time that accommodates the accuracy of psychic readings as they look into the past, present and future. If the future is plastic and open ended, how can a psychic accurate predict past the innumerable branches of probability and chance? If each moment, indeed, each second, produces a new reality that is only the realized probability of the previous second, what are the odds that the far-flung seconds can be determined in the present moment. Theoretically is becomes impossible.

The metaphysical answer is that the past, present, and future all occur at the same time. That is, the passing of time is an illusion, and actual time stands outside of our perception. What we do in the present is shaping the ‘future’, but as that future is now, it already exists now, we can tap into it and see what the future holds. This thought is expressed in the philosophical question:

How many moments are there in your life?
Answer: One

It is traditionally thought that an answer from the tarot cards is only good for the probable future based on the factors present at the moment of the question. The same question will, and should, have a different answer later because the energies surrounding the question may have changed. To receive a tarot reading on a question can change the outcome to another. This is not normally the case, but it is very probable. The point is that an answer from the tarot is accurate for the moment that it is asked in. It is not guaranteed to be accurate a day later, a week later, or a year next.

The actions in the present simultaneously change the past and future at that point where true time exists. Is this different from the concepts presented in our quantum physics discussion? No, they are not radically different. It instead introduces the sixth dimension in the Naples Arrangement.

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