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Timing and Tarot - Part 5

Numbers 6 of the Naples Arrangement
The point is now in communication with the other dimensions. Awareness is perfect here, and the perception of the energy states from potential (1) through motion (5) are accurately observed.
Connection to the sixth dimension requires the going beyond the five senses available to mankind. The sixth sense - be it called intuition, psychic ability, insight – is tapped. The flow of ever-changing energies is more accurately seen as the sixth sense delves into this sixth dimension. The walls of time become seen as clear, and the ever shifting faces of the future times become clear and discernable.

The quantum meets God in the sixth dimension. Divine consciousness meets the probabilities of energetic manifestation. Predetermination and free-will coexist in a place where Truths are not seen directly, and instead of surmised by indirect observations. In this place God becomes the only truly quantum unknown, and we continue to have gems of uncertainty because we are reflections and extensions of the Divine. The more divine our lives, the more improbable and magical the lives will be. Is this the root of the commonly held beliefs that Masters - those closest to God – cannot be read? Perhaps they have stepped outside of the simultaneous moment of time, and exist in a state that cannot be reached from the sixth dimension.

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