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Bad Horror Movie

I had the (dis)pleasure of watching a portion of Death Tunnel on Sci-Fi channel tonight (via DVR). I think I got about half way through and had to stop. Why? The action was jumpy, the storyline confusing, and the "horror" was just plain goofy. The weird thing about this movie is that while it did not appeal to me, it would be EXTREMELY disturbing to someone like my lovely mate. The scenes would possibly give her nightmares and generally screw with her head. So here is a movie that does not work for anybody.

I was not the only person who thought this... from wikipedia: "The film has met with almost universally poor reviews for being too trippy with its visuals, too short on actual storyline, and lacking actual scares."

A bit of humor From Tru Calling:

(After Davis goes on and on with details about autopsies to Tru's sister during lunch)
Sister: Is there anything else we can talk about besides autopsies???
Davis: Yes... are you a Lord of the Rings fan?
(Sister finds excuse to leave the diner)

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