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Lessons of Life

I've been pondering the apparent wisdom that age brings to people. What do the trials of life teach us? Are the challenges of life just there to teach us, or are they also laden with silver linings?

The utilities at my new house were shut off last Friday due to a work order that should have been cleared in their system. The utilities were on a temporary permit while renovations were being performed. The occupancy inspection I had a week ago should have cleared the work order, but oh well, it stuck around. I worked on the house using just sunlight during the weekend. On Monday I confirmed that it was a screw-up, and a utility guy came out and turned everything back on. He attempted to light my gas hot water heater. It turned out that the gas line that went to my old furnace (since replaced with a heat pump system) was not capped. The utility guy immediately spotted the issue, put a cap on the line, and lit the heater.

The BIG silver lining is that I had been planning to light the heater myself. There is a possibility I would have not recognized there was a leak and MAYBE there would have been major damage. Disaster avoided. I learned something more about gas systems and saw a big silver lining to a weekend without power.

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