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Theisms Unite!

In a recent South Park Episode, Go God God XII (2), there is a war between atheist groups. Religion has been eliminated. The three atheist coallitions are fighting over the 'big question'. The viewer is left to think the question is something scientific, for which each group believes it has the most logical answer. Cartman is finally told that the 'big question' is ' What atheists should call themselves?'. Sadly, this is an echo of religions.

Another wonderful line from the episode comes when Cartman changes the flow of time. He is then in a time that there are no atheists or religious followers. He is told by the future people , living in harmony with each other, (paraphrasing) 'We have no theisms. Human beings are too irrational for them.' Cartman asks, 'does that mean there is no war?'. The future people reply (in typical South Park style), 'no, the french and chinese are still fighting over Hawaii'.
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