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Not a Nightmare

This morning I had one of my "not a nightmare, but it probably would be for other people" type dreams. I dreamed that certain types of trees/vines had come alive and were killing people. The only safe move was to seek a place that did not have the killer plants. The dream then fast forwarded. Society as we know it now had collapsed, but the survivors had figured out how to live alongside the predatory plants. During this part of the dream I was with some people outside. Things were normal enough in a nice-to-be-alive-after-the-apocalypse kind of way. Then a little rodent was seen. For some reason it reminded me of the killer vines. This is an example of my having knowledge originating from a undreamed transitional part of the dream. Anyway, the rodent turned out to be deadly too. We were forced to get indoors and seal ourselves off from the killer rodents. Sigh... my dreams are frustrating even if they are classically nightmares.

I found the killer plant angle interesting given my spiritual slant, but then again, I've been having issues with that too. I'll write about the spiritual stuff another time.

Front of Ruined Pharmacy Building - IMG_5932
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