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Confusion Resolved

I had a bad scare this morning when I saw the headlines of the newspaper. The banner said, "Bush Warns of Deep Recession". OMG I said... Bush is not known for being so direly direct. His normal style is to either say nothing about a bad situation, or at the most, mutter platitudes about things getting better sometime in the (distant) future. The directness surprised me and I thought that the financial state of the nation was suddenly bad enough that even Bush had to admit something was going on.

Well, I was wrong. A further reading of the associated article revealed that Bush's full message was something like, "deep recession is coming IF you don't approve my bailout plan". Heavy sigh. The inclusion of a two letter word turned the headlines from an admission of responsibility to a CYA warning. Gotta love a person who can work all the angles when they're in a crunch.

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