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Wonderful Connecting

It is nice to have a mate that has similar quirky tastes. Today wulfwalker and I were at a thrift store and I saw a t-shirt that reminded me of the saying "Come back red chicken". wulfwalker said, "that's black chicken, from 'Love at First Bite'". She reminded me that it was the scene in which Dracula had turned into a bat and was then chased by the starving family. I had a memory that it was a boy who said this, and she said it was the mother. Anywhichway, we got laugh out of the memory.

A check on the internet revealed the following script from the scene:
We have nothing to eat.
(Dracula flies in window as bat)
We do now. Look, a chicken!
A black chicken.
Boil the water.
(Dracula flies out of window)
Come back, black chicken!
Give us an egg or something.
chuckle... YouTube Clip of scene.

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