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News From 1990

From Scandal Annual 1991, a blurb that demonstrates the practical side of the paranormal and misprints in newspapers and books...

His Money Back? Not a Ghost of a Chance

A Wall Street bond trader sued for the return of $32,000 down payment he made on a $650,000 Victorian mansion on the Hudson River in Yack's, New York. The reason: he said nobody told him that three Revolutionary War ghosts haunted the dwelling. The owner of the house had refused to return the money, saying the ghosts were very friendly. The judge ruled in her favor, stating that the law can't take supernatural entities into consideration.

The ruling panicked lawmakers in the neighboring Connecticut, which evidently has more than its share of spooks. Legislators pushed through a "Ghostbuster" bill, making it mandatory for all home sellers to disclose any spiritual phenomena related to the property.

The only law I could find from that period regarded a "Ghostbusters bill" barring home buyers from suing property owners or real estate agents who fail to disclose any jinx associated with a house. Oh well, the opposite made for a good story. The truth is really something of an issue in Real Estate circles. Hmmm...


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